James | Senior Portraits

Ahh youth! The feeling of endless possibility, being unstoppable, and having the world at your fingertips! Sweet, sweet freedom.  Well this is certainly the freshness that exuded from senior James Layton the day we took his senior portraits.  Being a friend’s little brother, the least we could do is continue this confidence by capturing him in all his vigor.  Ladies, seriously, watch out.  Not that he needed much help, the fella came armed with good style, his guitar, and an innocent little smile.  Oh.  He plays football too. Now before everyone gets all riled up, his intention is not to drive the young high school girl’s america crazy.  He is just a nice guy getting some pictures taken.   We do however, appreciate a reminder that at any age, one can take a moment to be care-free and enjoy the simple things.

James Senior Photo

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