Crystal | Portrait Photography

“Smile for the camera!” The classic saying that stimulates a psychological response to show those pearly whites – there’s a photo being taken of you!  As fun as this may be, it is sometimes difficult to get past a forced grin and onto genuine happy expression.  It is rare to find someone in a moment where there is so much joy they cannot contain the smile, camera or not.  This was Crystal Doyle following her long-awaited day through the LDS temple. Her family greeted her warmly and the three enjoyed the sunny day before Crystal departs for New York.  Yes, she is leaving our beehive state and serving an LDS mission in New York!  Soon she will embark on a new journey and adventure. But for now, the quiet of the valley and the closeness of her family remind her she is home.  We wish you a safe journey! Crystal and her parents remain one of our favorite clients!

Crystal Doyle Portrait

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