Ian + Lucy | Portrait Photography

One April day brought this thrilling couple in to admire our fine art gallery, and we knew immediately that we had to shoot them. From what we gathered, the two were traveling by motorcycle from San Francisco on their way to New England, taking in all the art they possibly could on their journey to give them a more accurate temperature of the American zeitgeist. Something else that should be mentioned is that this story is a complete fabrication. Shooting interesting people really is what brings us satisfaction, but unfortunately they don’t often wander in simply to lend us their mystique. The man depicted is Ian Wade, a Salt Lake local who co-owns the clothing store FRESH in the 9th and 9th neighborhood (check it out). His counterpart is our very own miss Lucy Call, an elusive woman generally found behind the camera rather than in front of it. The two are not actually a couple either, though this may be for the best. If two people this cool ever found love, there would need to be some incredibly mundane couple nearby to restore karmic balance.

Ian and Lucy Lifestyle Shoot

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