Harper Family | Family Portraits

Originally the Harpers wandered in to immortalize their oldest daughter’s high school graduation, but, for better or for worse, the rest of the family was so attractive that we couldn’t resist photographing them as well. The oldest daughter had an infectious happiness (and some of the best pants to cross our threshold in recent memory) so by the end, all our cheeks were a bit sore from our constant grins. In fact, each member of the family had a distinct version of the Harper personality, and each variation was enjoyable. Mom Laura came from South Africa. In the author’s biased opinion, one could listen to her voice recite an entire registry of overstocked stationary materials with peaceful contentment. The children seemed to have picked up a bit of her twang, and by the end even some of the more easily influenced photographers had a touch of spice in their speech. Unfortunately, none of us were lucky enough to inherit the looks and magnetism that seem to flow so fluidly among the Harpers. Thanks folks; it was truly a pleasure.

Harper Family

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