Simon Family | Family Portraits

Most of our traits seem to be learned, or at least nurtured by what surrounds us. Infants, however, are pure honesty. One of the reasons we’re drawn to environmental portraits at Saans, why we like shooting people where they feel at home, is because it shows on camera when the subject is at ease. A lot of our effort in the studio is spent helping people feel comfortable and be themselves. This little girl, the first child of Leslie and Carey Simon, has yet to inherit any shred of self-conscious tension. Her demeanor is simple. All she can do is give back what she’s received, and with parents like these it’s no wonder that she’s only ever learned to gaze with affection. Of course it’s necessary for a photographer to know how to use his tools, to understand light and technology, but sometimes the most valuable skill is knowing how to get out of the way, stand back, and look. If we did our job with the budding Simon family, it’s not from what we’ve been taught; all we can take credit for is eavesdropping successfully on this home full of comfort and love.

Simon Family

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