Kelson Boys | Portrait Photography

Spring is a time of change, new beginnings, and fresh ideas.  The sun is creeping through the clouds and the flowers are finally able to bloom. Likewise, the Kelson brothers, Zak and Jacob, are transitioning into a whole new chapter in their lives and we are pleased they decided to share it with us!

The two strapping lads are preparing to serve LDS Missions and they are going out in style.  With their cool hipster attitudes, skinny pants, and tailored blazers, they came prepared for the spotlight–even mom got into it!  The shoot  turned out to be a wonderful time for us all. Mother Kelli Kelson was especially touched and let out a few tears for her growing boys.  We knew this was an important time for the family and aimed to make it effortless and special from our first encounter to the final captured memory.  However, the fun does not end there, we look forward to an upcoming shoot with the two siblings and their good looking parents!

Kelson Boys Portrait Shoot

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