Robert + Savannah | Portrait Photography

We have some pretty great interns here at Saans. One of those interns is named Robert. On top of being a great assistant, he is tall, dark and handsome. Oh and not to mention, he’s also an actor. Yep, we know how to pick em. In addition to great interns, we have some beautiful friends. Savannah, who has let us photograph her in the past, came into town from London. She is also an actor and not shy in front of the camera in the least bit. So what do you do when you have two beautiful people or know how to act? You photograph them, of course! These two were complete naturals in front of the camera and with each other. We took them to this great bakery called Eva’s down the street. They goofed off  and held hands like a couple in love would. And after we had wore them out, we all enjoyed some delicious pastries to end the day.

Robert and Savannah

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