Dallas and Sam | Father’s Day Portrait

We always like to celebrate special occasions and holidays here at the studio.  We decided to do an extra special Father’s day shoot with our friend Dallas and his son Sam.  Dallas works with a local advertising agency called, ‘Agency Fusion.’  However, on this day,  it was all play and no work!  We followed father and son team to Liberty Park where we captured them having a great time.  It was as if they were both little boys playing together!  They had a water fight and even got to sail some small hand-made sailboats.  The sailboats were made by a local man and given out freely for any one to enjoy.  What an extra surprise on this particular occasion.  Before we know it, Sam will be his father’s size and these captured memories will mean more and more in years to come.  Happy Father’s day from the Saans team!

Dallas and Sam Father's Day

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