Siena | Child Photoshoot

Here at Saans we’re always happy to lend a helping hand.  Whatever your inquiry may be we’ve got you covered.  Oftentimes we get questions about outfits or how to pose on a shoot.  Again, we’re happy to be of assistance, however, every once in a while a person comes along who just knows how to do it effortlessly and fabulously.  Such is the case with this little model in the making named Siena.  This young gal took to the camera and made it her best friend!  Her mother has shot with us before and has been one of our biggest clients through DJP marketing.  Glad to see that she’s given her daughter a few pointers…or maybe it’s visa versa?  Whatever the case is both of these ladies know their way around a shoot.  We were delighted to have them both and cannot wait to see where our little model goes from here.

Siena Child

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