Lou and Randy | Engagements

Ahh getting married.  The flowers, the dress, the cake, and overall good time to be had leaves any bride to be giddy with anticipation.  However, we cannot forget that it also a lot of work.  Here at Saans we’d like to make such a task just a tad easier, and we do it by making you look good and feel awesome-and everyone will know it!  Our best friend Lou was looking to get her engagement photos done and trusted us to help her out.  She came in with future hubby and the pampering ensued.  We began with makeup and hair.  Our intern Karen was happy to assist with this.  Lou’s beautiful long hair was turned into luscious and flowing curls.  Her gorgeous eyes popped with soft shadow.  And her baby face glowed with a dash of blush.  Needless to say, the fiance (Randy) was very excited to see her when she stepped out and greeted him.  Afterwards we all took a trip!  It was a beautiful day and we shot at various locations including: This is the place monument; immigration canyon; and sugar house park.  The shoot was fun and carefree (as it should be!) the couple left happy and ready to send out those those invitations!

Lou and Randy Engagements

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