Sasha and Pena | Baby Pictures

Well, this shoot is certainly one of the most bubbly we’ve had here at the studio.  Primarily due to the fact that there was a cute lil’ baby around! And not just any cute baby, but our own Angelina’s baby niece Pena!  We all know how silly we become around babies, so one can only imagine the shenanigans that happened when Angelina, her sister Sasha, and baby Pena got together; all smiles and joy throughout the entire shoot!  The 7 month old stole the spotlight with her charming grin, little white dress, and classy headband.  The headband was carefully selected to be the key to the entire look, it says, “Hi, I’m a baby and have no hair, but I assure you I’m a lady and an adorable one at that!”  We don’t get a lot of young’ins in the studio so we were happy to let her brighten up our day.

Baby Newborn Photography by Saans Photography Salt Lake City Utah

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