Savanna and Nate | On Location

Miles away from her nest in London, England,  Savanna and her special friend Nate join us at our very own Salt Flats for a shoot!  Good company is appreciated anywhere in the world and we very much enjoyed spending some time with these two.  We grabbed our gear and headed out on this breezy day hoping to get the most out of this beautiful location.  Upon our arrival, our subjects were like two children running around in this wide open space.  The environment was sweet and comfortable but mother nature decided to shake things up a bit.  Clouds gathered, thunder began, and lightning could be seen in the distance.  This only added more excitement to the shoot; we embraced the wind and the clouds and continued our session till the very end.  We were left with some exciting images and some great memories with our far away friend.

Couples Photography Session taken at the Salt Flats in Utah by Saans Photography

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