TinType Photography

In this age of technology, one can take and post photos just about anywhere at anytime.  Nowadays, even cell phones are evolving to take high quality pictures and video.  It’s nice to take it back in time sometimes and experience a photo making process that is more hands on and creative…a bit eerie looking as well.  We had our good friend Travis Lovell, Professor of Fine Art Photography at UVU join us for a weekend of Tintype photography.  What is Tintype you ask? It is a historical photographic process created by Prof. Hamilton Smith during the nineteenth century.  They are images produced on a thin metallic plate that actually isn’t tin but is coated iron.  It is a form of ambrotype, which is an under-exposed negative that appears as a positive image when placed on a dark background. Travis had us hold still for 8-12 seconds.  Afterwards he used his mad scientist skills to tend the image with chemicals!  Not only was this fun, but the images looked great.  Jaron’s father George takes the cake in our opinion looking like a civil war veteran!  Please enjoy and let us know if you are interested in taking a class on this!

Tintypes photography at Saans Photography Studio in Salt Lake City UT

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