Elora | Salt Lake Fashion Blogger

Collaborating is something we love doing and we believe is essential to stay current, creative and inspired in our industry. We also like helping people! Elora writes and produces a blog called “With Lola”
We found her website while searching for local fashion blogs in Salt Lake City. We really liked her clean branding and sense of style. We noticed that almost all of her images were taken by herself and that we could assist in taking some images that would match that same great look. As soon as Elora arrived at her studio, we knew collaborating with her would not only be a good idea, but it would be a blast. She had another talented friend, Kali, come to do her hair and make-up and we spent a busy afternoon photographing different outfits for the holidays, “how to” hairstyles and decorating tips. We could have kept going, but wanted to save save some for the next shoot! Be sure to check out the results on her blog.Elora Blog Board

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