Professional Portraits | New Executive Team

Saans has been photographing executive portraits since 1952. Hopefully it’s obvious that we haven’t been around that entire time and that our work has improve over the years. Regardless, we have continued the legacy of photographing business professionals in the Salt Lake area, and to this day headshots are a major part of our business. One of the tends that many businesses are adapting is the idea of lifestyle business portraits. This is where we have the opportunity to go on-location (usually to our clients office) to capture environmental images have a more unique and personal look.
Recently one of our established clients was developing a new startup company and  commissioned us to photograph their expanding executive team from around the country. They all flew in for meeting and were able to quickly steal each individual to capture their portraits and maximize their time.
Our day wasn’t without challenges as we had to be set-up at their offices in Clearfield, UT (which is a bit of a hike for us from downtown Salt Lake) before the sun came up. We ended up having to pull off a few photography tricks out our bag to compensate for the dull winter light so early in the morning, but in the end we were able to get a consistent look that he clients were very happy with.ATK Blog Board

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