The Team

Jaron's Headshot


Jaron Horrocks is a geek at heart, but he’s a fun, efficient, highly organized geek, and we like him for it. Hailing from New Hampshire, Jaron is a designer turned photographer, and currently owns and operates Saans Photography Studio. He really loves teaching and has toured the country several times over conducting seminars and instructing other photographers. Even though he may spend a slightly unhealthy amount of time in front of his computer, Jaron loves getting out, exploring, playing sports (he’s ridiculously good at soccer), and cycling around town. Overall, we’d say that Jaron just enjoys living life.

A few other fun facts:
- He is über-efficient in Photoshop; his infatuation with Lightroom may border on neurotic.
- He can be bribed with good food, travel, and a beach.
- He was once a DJ for a radio station. He can not confirm nor deny whether he did the whole thing in a fake British accent.
- He also may have more shoes than he would care to disclose.

Angelina's Headshot


Angelina Giles is from the beautiful Aotearoa  (New Zealand): land of the long white cloud, rugby, flight of the concords and yes, Lord of the Rings! She  is the studio manager and oversees the day to day running of Saans as well as doing her share of shooting.  She is an absolute delight and charms everyone she meets with her cute accent and genuine enthusiasm. Angelina studied photography in NZ with an emphasis in environmental portraiture, and has years of experience in numerous countries, including major studio work in London. Her ideal job would include traveling while doing photography work for non-profit organizations.

A few more fun facts:

- She talks funny and says things like rubbish instead of garbage and calls a swimsuit togs!
- She knows how to sail and SCUBA dive
- Her all time favorite lens is a Nikon 85mm fixed
- She’s a queen scout (think Eagle scout New Zealand style)
- Did we mention she is really funny!? Our very own skinny “fat Amy”


Saans Interns


Currently we have some pretty great interns working with us. Each brings their unique personality and skill set to Saans and makes working here even more fun.

Note: We are always looking talented interns to join our team. Email us for more information.