Common Questions

Common Questions & Answers

Q. What is lifestyle photography?
A. Lifestyle photography aims to capture and document real-life events, situations, or people in an artistic and natural way. It’s similar to documentary-styled photography but with careful direction of clothing, composition and environment.

Q. Can I have digital copies of images?
A. Yes. Corporate and commercial work includes selected digital files with precise copyright usage rights specified. For personal or family sessions, we include a web resolution digital file for any wall prints or products you purchase.

Q: What can I expect after booking a photo shoot?
A. You’ve booked in your session date and time, what happens now? We normally meet at our studio first. This is a great place to take a few images, plan the outfits and keep all of your belongings together in a safe place. Within a mile of our downtown location, you have the choice of urban style, park and nature shots, and a whole array of other venues. Have a think about what appeals to you and let us know.

Q: What do I wear and bring to the shoot?
A: Bring clothes that you feel comfortable in and that express your personality. For a couple or family shoot, be sure to coordinate with each other (but try not to match exactly). Check the What to Wear page for more specific details.
You can also bring props that help tell your story. You can bring bikes, baseball gloves, fresh flowers, or anything meaningful. Think about tangible things that describe you and talk to us about additional ideas.

Q: How long is the session?
A. Sessions typically last around 60 minutes. Additional venues, outfits and people can increase that to 2 hours. The first 10-15 minutes will be spent chatting, getting things ready and “warming up” behind the camera.

Q. How long after my shoot can I see my images?
A. Typically, your photographs are ready to proof within 3-4 days of your session. We will set an appointment with you at the end portrait session to come back and review your images. Orders for prints, canvases, albums or other products normally take 2-4 weeks after ordering.

Q. How do I view my photos after the session?
A. Simply come back in for a proofing session. We would love to see you again, and images always look best large. We can also help with the selection process and advise on specific products. In the rare cases where you cannot come back, we have password protected on-line proofing galleries available.

Q. Do you retouch the images?
A.  After the images are captured we process all photographs using an efficient retouching workflow. Our clients will see an optimized version of all the selected images during the proofing and sales sessions. After we work together to narrow down our final choices, the last steps of editing and production will take place to make sure you receive the best quality images possible.
Our expert retouching is done in a light-handed manner. We don’t believe that quality retouching should be noticeable. Additional design services and composite work are also available for an additional charge. We are happy to review your special needs before we begin any project and provide you an accurate quote.

Q. What usage rights are included?
A. Portrait clients may display images in their private homes or for personal use. Photos may not be sold to make money, and they may not be used for advertising purposes. Corporate rights include internal company websites and materials. Commercial jobs are commissioned for specific campaigns and usage rights for individual images are outlined and discussed prior to the shoot, and included within documentation.

Q. Do you photograph weddings?
A. Yes! However, we are very selective. Because of the typical time and travel constraints weddings often incur, we have restrictions. But we will photograph weddings, including destination weddings, based on our availability.