What to expect


You’ve booked in your session date and time, what happens now?

We normally meet at our studio first. This is a great place to take a few images, plan the outfits and keep all of your belongings together in a safe place. Within a mile of our downtown location, you have the choice of urban style, park and nature shots, and a whole array of other venues. Have a think about what appeals to you and let us know.

How long should you plan for:
Our sessions typically last around 60 minutes. Additional venues, outfits and people can increase that to 2 hours. The first 10-15 minutes will be spent chatting, getting things ready and “warming up” behind the camera.

We have provided a what to wear guide for you, but as a quick overview, bring clothes that you feel comfortable in and that express your personality. For a couple of family shoot, be sure to coordinate with each other. If you have any questions, feel free to call us to discuss and if in doubt, bring a few different options and we will be sure to help you when you arrive.

Bring anything you like, we really want to tell your story and props are a great way to do this. Your creativity only helps; bring bikes, baseball gloves, fresh flowers, or anything meaningful. Think about tangible things that describe you and talk to us about additional ideas.

Make sure everyone is well rested and have things planned out. It is going to be an enjoyable experience so come with an assurance everything will be great!
Bring necessary snacks, water, extra warm clothes if it’s cold. If there is anything at all that we can do to help, please feel free to contact us.

After the session
Proofing – Before we say goodbye after your session, we will find a time for you to come back and view your images. You will be able to select your favorites and make your order.

Products and delivery
Once your order has been placed, you will receive your complete order within 2-3 weeks. There is a rush option available on selected products.  We will telephone you to arrange a time to collect your delivery.

Thank you for letting us share in your lives and capture your memories.